Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010 Update

Today's goal is to put all the information that I have on Kevin into one file so that I can submit it to the IC3 Unit of the FBI. We already have several pages worth of information to organize and the file just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I wonder just how organized the information needs to be?

I also want to call around and contact local attorney's to see if any of them would be interested in this case on a pro bono basis. Do attorney's even do that anymore? I guess I will find out today. I'm not even sure I know what kind of attorney I should be contacting. Which ones specialize in these types of online scams? Do they even have attorney's that specialize in this yet?

Anyone know anything about this type of thing that might be helpful?

Well I will let you know what happens....

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kevin Patrick Preuesse Ordeal

As promised this blog will be dedicated to our ordeal with Kevin Patrick Preusse and his scams. We will let you know what each of the scams are that we have been able to find so far that he has pulled. We will list what we know about him. We will list what we are doing legally. What our results are. Websites you can visit to do research, for your own protection. We want to be sure that people know about this guy so that he is unable to do this type of thing to yet another innocent victim. Please forgive me this posting is a little choppy and I will try to clear things up as time goes by and people ask questions. This is for real though so I really encourage everyone to be on the lookout for this guy and any others like him.

So I guess we should start at the beginning:

My husband and I were online just before Thanksgiving 2009 looking for a way to make some extra money for the holidays. We came across an add on Craigslist that stated that a start up website was paying $10.00 per post for the first 10 posts on this website. The guy that was starting the website was from here locally in the city in which we lived. So after doing some initial research on the guy and not coming up with anything bad about this guy. He had people that vouched for him. He made it seem as though he was a genuinely good guy, emailing us back quickly, providing us with local contact information, the site he set up was set up very good, he asked for our input into what should go onto the site, what should be changed. This guy just really had an answer for everything so we really thought he was legitimate. We started to post on his site (we are by no means promoting this site to anyone, however we must list it in order to help protect others). There were a total of 5 of us posting on this site on a regular basis and we racked up quite a few postings over the short time that we were members of the sites forum group. After we posted our first 10 postings each (my husband and I). We requested our payment from Kevin as this was our agreement from the beginning so that we could each get comfortable with each other, us with his promise for payment and for him so he could be comfortable with our posting abilities. So we made arrangements to get paid for the postings via PayPal and we sent him our information so that we could receive payment from him. With it being Thanksgiving week Kevin came back and stated that it was going to take 2-3 business days so it may not happen until early the next week due to the fact that the banks were closed for the holidays. This didn’t send off any real red flags for us in the beginning but this is when Kevin became weird in all sorts of ways. He began telling us about how he had back problems that were very serious and that he was going to have to go into surgery very soon or he could lose his ability to walk. So he wanted to ensure us that if this happened someone would still make sure that this transaction went through just in case he was unable to do it himself. This is where it all began….one excuse after another as to why the money hadn’t gone through, why he was unavailable for a few days at a time, he was in the ER with his back, his father passed away, his mom was a mess because of his father, his ex girlfriend came back in his life and got him distracted….it just didn’t end with this guy!

When we began to question him about his website and the information we had found on him he started to at first get offended and threatened us with legal action and then he turned around and told us that he over reacted because the reports we found on him were untrue and he was so sick of people believing what they read. To he wanted to prove to us that he was for real and he wanted to offer us a bonus on the site. Then he had offered for us to win this contest that he had posted on the site due to the fact that not enough people had joined the site, he was hoping that when word of someone winning all of this money on his site people would flock to the site just for the chance to win the next contest. I mean by this time this guy had been dodging us for days on our payment arrangement. Now all of the sudden he was going to write us a check for $20k and he was going to hand deliver it. When he got to his parents house though the cops where there because someone decided to steal a couple of cars and drop them in one of the Mobile Home Estates that his parents owned. So he had to deal with that and wasn’t going to be able to make it to meet us that night like he had arranged. All the while that he has been dodging us keep in mind that he has been texting and emailing us keeping us up to date with whatever issue it was that he had at the time that was keeping him from meeting us. This was a huge red flag for us….this guy was so full of crap and with each and every big promise and every excuse he just made it more and more obvious that something was crooked about this guy. We decided at this point we didn’t want the $20k from his contest winnings as we were sure that somehow some way this check or this money was going to come with some sort of issue that we didn’t want to be involved in. So we asked him to just pay the money for the posting that he had promised to pay us. By this time the amount for the posting had made it up to $1,150.00 which isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things but it is the principle that he had promised to pay, we were really in need of this money in order to catch up bills and to be able to get something for our children for Christmas. We are also in the process of trying to start our own photography business so we were also planning to use some of the money from the website postings to begin to purchase our DSLR Camera, Lenses, Accessories, Computer and Software that we need. So we were really looking forward to this money. It could have been a new beginning for us. So not only were we upset because of the money but it made it that much worse because of the lost opportunity. Plus the fact that our children didn’t get much for the holidays it was like throwing salt in an open wound. We made the best of it though! Anyway….and the story continues!

So as the days passed we begin to wonder what is going on with this guy and we begin to do a little more research on him with the information he had already provided to us in numerous emails, pm’s, and texts between him, me and my husband. It didn’t take us long to figure out first off that he had given us a false name in the beginning he had told us that his name was Kevin Patrick. Well you look up Kevin Patrick and you find nothing listed on Google, MSN or any of the other search engines about this guy being a fraud. When you get a little more information and find out that the guys full name is Kevin Patrick Preusse you begin to get all sorts of reports on him. The first thing when you go onto and plug in his name the top 2 results are reports on listing him and his previous endeavors in scamming people in the past. This guy has been pulling scams all over the place for quite some time. I’m not going to list each of them in full detail as you can go to these sites and plug his name in the search engine and get the same results as I did. I will give you the basics of each of his scams and the information that I have been able to gather on each and from who. These are not going to be in any sort of order either as I really don’t want to spend that much time going back through all of this information to put it in date order.
The first one that I came across was his scam in which he convinced people to contribute anywhere from $750.00 to $2000.00 to help get a script that he wrote launched so that he could sell it off to the movie producers for a possible movie deal. He made up a website that promoted his script and asked other authors to come and post their script offerings to producers and such for book and movie deals. He offered each of them a piece of his script profits and would pay each investor back within a year. He gave each person a legitimate contract that showed them as being part of the person who would receive the proceeds of the script sale. Then as time went on and the dates he promised to pay by came and went and people began to question whether or not he was going to actually pay back his loans and such he launched yet another site stating that Michael Crichton stole his script called it his own and created a movie out of it. He has an entire site devoted to it which if you follow the links he provides and input the information he has provided you there is no information listed that actually confirms any of his stories. The links just lead you in circles and then when you input the information he gives you it tells you that the reference number is invalid. So this is the first one that I came across. It was called Preusse Productions. Which you can also look up online and I think it leads you to a MySpace page that if you read the posts and comments on the site carefully you will find people on their that are looking for him and he is obviously dodging regarding the money he promised to pay. I was able to contact one of the people on the site and get a little more information from them on his scam and what happened to them. This information will eventually be included in the lawsuit we file against him and we will try to provide as much information on that as we can after consulting our attorneys.
After researching this scam a little you find that he has pulled yet another scam in which he launched a website and asked people to post to it and he would pay them for each of their posts….wow does this sound familiar or what? Well then you keep reading and you read that he offered another person the opportunity to become a site moderator….wow he offered me the same thing. Then you keep reading and the whole post is almost exactly the same as the scam he pulled on his new site with my husband and I. From the issues with his back, surgery being a must, an ex girlfriend, PayPal issues, I mean seriously it was just crazy reading this information. There was even mention that he had offered these people the same contest scam he had offered to us. Holy crap this guy just keeps going. I was also able to get into contact with the person who created this posting and she was able to confirm what she had said and provided even more information on this guy. This information will also be included in our upcoming lawsuit against him and his site.

This guy just keeps going with his site and the more research you do and the more people you talk to, you find out that not only is he involved in his scams but so is his father. Do a little research into his father and you figure out really quick where the son learned his scamming abilities from his father and uncle. They had pulled the same types of scams years earlier. It seems however that they may have retired and lett Kevin take over the family business. There other scams that this guy is pulling out there I am sure, but I was only able to find reports on a small handful of them so far. I will continue to post updates, as they become available. I will also list more details of each of his scams as our attorney clears me to do so.
At this point we are still in the process of collecting information on him and his previous scams. Collecting more and more information from each person that I contact to add to our file. Creating a file of all of our conversations with him. We have been researching how to report him and where to report him. The answers aren’t really clear so as we get answers we will be updating that information. So far we have used the following sites to research this guy and find out the information we have been able to gather on him.

Websites: You would be amazed at what you can find out about someone just by entering their name into Google. You should enter your name and see what you find….I was rather surprised at what information came up about me and what other information was offered for a price. Thank goodness most of mine is all professional information with no real personal information listed on me. I have tried to keep myself off of the online search engines but I tell you what I think that may be impossible anymore unless you just don’t use the Internet at all and even then I guarantee that there is still some sort of information on you out there. On this site there are a lot of reports out there on exactly what it says people ripping other people off. This website is great because it provides reports on people and businesses that becomes part of a permanent online database that is searchable by anyone. These reports aren’t deleted so they are out there forever. I encourage you to research people and businesses on this site before you do any sort of business in which you are transferring money for goods, services or for any other reason for that matter. It is better to be safe than sorry. This is a government based website for the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI in which you can report internet crimes, fraudulent schemes and websites, spoofing scams, phishing websites and much more. It however does not provide any way to search previous reports, it is simply a tool to report internet crimes in which you may have knowledge of.